Wallaby is an e-commerce system that utilizes message based commerce to connect new parents with curated baby products selected specifically for them based on their needs, budget, values, and tastes. 

My Role

Research, Web Design, Web Development, Prototyping, User Testing

Tools Used

Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Dreamweaver


6 weeks


Jeff Dull and Lauren March


New parents are often very overwhelmed by the amount of choices there are for baby products. Concerns about quality, brand, value, and public perception can quickly get in the way of decision making when purchasing a product. To add to their stress, new supplies and items need to be purchased constantly as items become outgrown.


Create an ecommerce system that eases the burden of decision making for new parents while adding opportunities for upselling and brand conversion. 


Wallaby seeks to eliminate the stress of searching for the perfect product by using an SMS framework to bring products to new parents. We text our customers curated goods that they can purchase by simply replying YES. As baby grows, we will share products that are perfect for baby’s stage. Books to aid in learning, clothes that keep them stylish, and toys to entertain.

“A large portion of millennials have grown up. By overlooking the fact that many millennials are now parents, brands could miss changes in behavior and consumption that directly impact their bottom line. ” – Jeff Fromm, President of Futurecast

User Research

Having only a basic understanding of the challenges parents face when buying baby good, I did a literature review and conducted a survey to better understand user pain points and purchasing habits. The fact that millennials are now becoming the largest percentage of new parents being one of the influential insights. Below are the key takeaways:

Among the older half of millennials, those between ages 25-34, there are now 10.8 million households with children.

 52% of millennials were more likely to make impulse purchases than any other generation.

Millennials continue to remain heavily connected online even after they become parents.

50% of millennial men and 70% of millennial women consider shopping a form of entertainment and something to share with friends and family.

Price, quality, and recommendations from friends are the key drivers when purchasing a product.

Survey particpants noted feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of products available. 

Persona and Empathy Maps

Empathy Maps

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Having a solid understanding of the users, the next step was to establish their goals, tasks and abilities to create the general architecture and interaction steps of the onboarding process and website.

After this, ordering baby goods was applied to the Reply Yes framework with specific attention being paid to how users share with and evangelize others to join Wallaby. 

User Testing – Onboarding Prototype

Since the Wallaby message based commerce system relies heavily on being able to suggest products via a smartphone, capturing user's preferences is an important step in the process. Clicking through from the Wallaby homepage, I designed a clickable onboarding prototype in XD. I designed the process to be image heavy and utilized emoji like structure to capture visual style preferences to add a level of delight. During testing I found that users were able to quickly navigate through the process and selecting their style preferences. They were reluctant though to enter sensitive information, such as their baby’s date of birth.

Visual Design

The Wallaby branding was designed to be playful, open, and trustworthy. Since Wallaby itself acts as a vendor for many companies’ products, special care was taken to create a visual tone that wouldn’t overpower other brands. 

Website [ Visit Site ]

This landing acts as a first touch point for users to learn about Wallaby and set up their account. I developed this responsive site using a bootstrap framework. Since SMS purchasing is a newer and lesser known commerce system, it was important to clearly establish how Wallaby works and create confidence in the user.

Onboarding [ View Clickable Prototype ]

Based on user testing, for the final onboarding solution I added clarity for inputting spending preferences, and baby clothing sizes, and the ability to refer Wallaby to friends and family upon account creation. 

After Onboarding – First Messages


Decision Tree for Like, Dislike, and Purchasing

Gift Giving Functionality and Purchase Tree

Wallaby Showcase